Shawn Kirkman | Director of Sports Performance

Certified under the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Shawn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the VTool Elite team. Working under Tim Naiman over the last few years, Shawn has had the opportunity to train various professional athletes from the NHL, MLB, and NFL while also working with over 30 collegiate and elite high school athletes.

Shawn works closely with Co-Founder Tim Naiman to create and implement high level programming and instruction for numerous athletes. With his background in various sports and disciplines, Shawn brings substantial insight and practical knowledge as it regards to athletic development in almost every sport discipline.

A local to Colorado, Shawn grew up in Boulder County and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is now pursuing his master’s degree in Applied Physiology, where he hopes to continue to grow his knowledge and experience to continue to provide athletes with some of the highest-level methodology available.