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*You must purchase a program in order to create an account on the VTool Training App.   After purchasing your program, you will receive an email to create your VTool account and login for the app.

VTool Elite Development is proud to offer our new Training App to both in person clients and remote athletes throughout the country.


VTool's of Velocity 16-Week Program

We GUARANTEE this program will help you increase velo*. Created by Colorado Rockies pitcher Lucas Gilbreath and esteemed pitching coach Tom Dedin Jr, this 16-week program is designed to increase throwing velocity through proper biomechanics and sequencing patterns.  Velocity has become a crucial part of baseball and is essential for pitchers wanting to progress to the next level.  This "Pro-Style" program will work pitchers through a variety of drills and exercises, ultimately leading to improved velocity, command, and arm health.

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VTool Sports Performance 16-Week Program

Athletes looking to play at the next level have to prioritize not only skill development, but also athletic development and movement proficiency as a whole.  Our program is written by highly educated and experienced Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and designed specifically for athletic development.  This program is used by numerous professional athletes and MLB players as a means for increased performance, stamina, and injury prevention.


VTool Therapy Athletic Nutrition Program

Science has proven that dietary decisions significantly effect sports performance.  For athletes looking for a "competitive advantage" look no further.  This program was designed by former athletes for athletes of all ages and levels to improve their performance as well as their overall health.  Each athlete will receive a program specific to their needs as an athlete to ensure that they are giving themselves every opportunity possible to be successful.

May 4, 2021 - The Colorado Rockies take on the San Francisco Giants at Coors Field in game 1 of a double header. (photo by Matt Dirksen)

VTool's Elite Package for Elite Athletes

Our Elite package is designed for athlete's with elite motivation and work ethic.  This package includes the VTool's of  Velocity Throwing program (with our velocity improvement guarantee), VTool Sports Performance Program, VTool Therapy's Nutrition Program, and VTool Therapy's Injury Prevention Program.  If you want to make a serious change and prioritize your career, this program will give you every opportunity to improve as a pitcher as well as an overall athlete.

*Our velocity improvement, money-back guarantee requires proper testing and documentation.  Players must use a reliable radar source (Trackman, Rapsodo, Stalker) and must document and upload all of their workouts on the VTool Training App.