Lucas Gilbreath | Co-Founder

Co-Founder Lucas Gilbreath is currently a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies. Lucas made his Major League debut on May 1st of 2021 and finished the season with 47 appearances out of the bullpen, posting a 3.38 ERA.

Lucas was born in Westminster and graduated from Legacy High School. He was drafted by the Rockies originally in the 36th round in 2014, but instead attended the University of Minnesota. After three successful years at the University of Minnesota, he was again drafted by the Rockies, this time in the seventh round of the 2017 MLB draft, and signed. Throughout his journey in professional baseball, Lucas has been teaching and instructing during his offseasons for the last 5 years.

Lucas spends his free time researching and studying the intricacies of pitch development, biomechanics movements, and strength and conditioning methods as they apply to baseball. During the offseason, Lucas, a VTool Elite pitching instructor, uses his experience and knowledge to assist the development of players as it pertains to pitching and throwing. Along with pitching and throwing, Lucas uses his experiences and connections to help players understand how to develop both on and off the field.