Tim Naiman | Co-Founder

Tim’s development as a sports performance coach is an accumulation of being a multi-sport athlete in both high school and college, years of work as a chemist and biologist, and graduate school where he received a masters degree in Sports Performance and Human Movement Science. In 11 years of sports performance coaching, Tim is fortunate to have had 65 athletes go on to play Division 1, and over 20 play at the Professional/Olympic level. He is currently working with 35 players in various organizations across the MLB.

Tim uses his technical background and education to facilitate high level programming and development for various levels of athletes. Along with his experience, Tim relies on high-level technology and methodology to ensure athletes are receiving the highest level of training and information in order to help them develop and grow as efficiently as possible. With his expertise, Tim is able to help VTool elite development create and implement some of the most effective programs for athletes of all ages and abilities.